Recruitment of GISTNEWS 12th Reporters


12th GISTNEWS Application Form_Dept. of Reporters (Eng)
12th GISTNEWS Application Form_Dept. of Design (Eng)
12th GISTNEWS Application Form_Dept. of Digital Contents (Webmasters) (Eng)
12th-GISTNEWS Application Form_Dept. of Digital Contents (Broadcast Team)-Eng

GISTNEWS recruits 12th reporters.
Download the application form on top right!


📬 Recruitment Fields
☞ Dept. of Reporters (Reporter team 1·2, International team)
☞ Dept. of Design
☞ Dept. of Digital Contents (Broadcast team, Webmasters)

Organization of GISTNEWS
Organization of GISTNEWS

📬 Tasks
☞ Dept. of Reporters: Write articles about news inside or outside GIST. The International team writes articles in English, and the Reporter team 1·2 write articles in Korean.
☞ Dept. of Design: Draw illustrations, infographics, posters, interactive news, etc. in the newspaper.
☞ Dept. of Digital Contents: Broadcast team makes the video news, and webmasters manage the homepage.

📬 Benefits
☞ Salary paid
☞ Coverage fees supported
☞ Business card provided
☞ GISTNEWS office is available (at LG library A building)
ㅤㅤ- Available even on social distancing level 2.
ㅤㅤ- Sofa, refrigerators, and instant coffee are available
☞ Various devices are available
ㅤㅤ- Camera: CANON EOS 750D, 850D
ㅤㅤ- Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro(Model: PTH-660)
ㅤㅤ- Color printers

☞ (Freshmen, Sophomores) Benefits to ‘school contribution’ in the summer semester recruitment of overseas universities
☞ You can remain at the dormitory on vacation.

📬 Application period
☞ to March 3rd

📬 Interview schedule
☞ Between March 4th to 5th

📬 How to apply
☞ Fill the application form and submit it to

📬 Notice
Students of these types cannot apply for dept. of reporters: Student associations, Club union, Cultural Events Committee, GIST House
☞ All schedules are subject to change.

📬 Contact
☞ 고송주 Cheif editor: 010-9755-5147
☞ 김하연 Senior designer: 010-8967-3828
☞ 서강현 Webmaster: 010-9344-8717
☞ Email: