School Spirit at GIST



At GIST, school spirit is a vibrant and integral part of our community, manifesting through a variety of exciting events and activities that bring students together.


Throughout the academic year, we celebrate our unity and diversity with a series of festivals, performances, and cultural nights that make our college experience uniquely enriching.


The rhythm of the academic year is punctuated by our seasonal festivals: the autumn, spring, and summer festivals. Each of these events is a testament to the creativity and enthusiasm of our students.


The festivals transform our campus into a lively hub of activity with booths from various clubs, interactive games, and a delightful array of food trucks. Winners of the games are rewarded with coupons, fostering a spirit of friendly competition.


Dance performances by the Macmoo club and rap performances by Ignition add to the festive atmosphere, showcasing the diverse talents within our student body. School band performances further enrich these celebrations, providing a soundtrack to our communal joy.


The pinnacle of our festive calendar is Luminaire, a grand event that goes beyond our regular festivals. Luminaire is a night to remember, with performances by popular K-pop artists that draw the entire community together in a shared moment of musical euphoria.

“It was my first time seeing a Kpop performance in real life and I thoroughly enjoyed it!” Miss Sasha, an exchange student at GIST


In addition to our festivals, GIST College offers a plethora of events throughout the year that keep the spirit alive. Start-Up Night is a platform for innovation, where different start-up clubs present their projects, embodying the entrepreneurial spirit that GIST nurtures.


“I was very impressed and inspired by the projects presented by my seniors. I hope that I can also proudly present here in the future.” Mr. Lee


Culture Night is another cornerstone event, celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures represented at our college. Here, students can enjoy food and activities from around the world, promoting understanding and appreciation of global diversity.


“I had no idea that GIST had students from so many different countries. I am honored that I could try so many different cuisines at once in this festival. I am thankful to everyone who put in so much effort for us to be able to taste such delicious food.” Miss Park.


Our campus is also a stage for musical and dance performances throughout the year, with piano concerts, independent band performances, and Macmoo’s dance showcases providing regular entertainment. These events are more than just performances; they are opportunities for students to share their passions and for the community to come together in appreciation.


“The performances from the student body are a refreshing break from studying and make me appreciate all the multitalented people we have at GIST” Mr. Kang.


“Dancing helps me reduce my stress, I am elated to have an outlet that lets me enjoy my hobbies.” Miss Soe.


Athleticism and teamwork are celebrated during the interuniversity sports day, fostering camaraderie and healthy competition. “Students get a chance to go to various universities and cheer for GIST, it is heartwarming to see so many students rooting for each other” Miss Gwon.


Additionally, our varsity jackets symbolize school pride and unity, serving as a visible marker of our shared identity. “At first I wasn’t a fan of the color but it grew on me and now I am obsessed with our varsity jacket.” Miss Gong.


However, amidst this rich tapestry of events, there is a notable absence of enduring college traditions that can further strengthen our communal bonds. Traditions are the threads that weave together the fabric of school spirit, creating a sense of continuity and belonging.


Establishing traditions such as a school anthem, a yearly time capsule, or a special GIST College day could provide a deeper sense of identity and legacy. Pre Covid-19, GIST had Hanbok day, a now lost tradition as described by Miss Yu: “It was a beautiful display of creativity and culture.”


The Finals Encouragement Event is a perfect example of a tradition in the making. This event supports students by providing delicious meals during a stressful time, reminding them that they are part of a supportive community. “We used to have this event before midterms but now its only limited to finals” Mr. Gyeong.


Expanding on this idea, we could introduce more rituals that mark significant milestones in the student journey, such as a welcoming party for freshmen and a farewell party for graduating students.


“I wish I could see more people sitting on the ground and playing badminton or just sitting out and enjoying the good weather. I wonder if it would be possible to have a GIST only sports day.” Miss Nam.


“I hope that we can bring Hanbok Day back, having color days, where you try to stick to a certain color of clothing could be fun too” Mr. Kim.


“At my university we have no bag day, I have seen people carry laundry baskets, an entire sink and so much more, it’s always super entertaining, maybe something like that at GIST could be nice..” Miss Sasha, an exchange student at GIST explained. Mr George added “At my university we have a water fight day and a character day”


GIST College already boasts a robust and dynamic array of events that celebrate our school spirit. By introducing a few enduring traditions, we can create a stronger sense of continuity and deepen our collective identity. Let’s build on our existing celebrations and craft traditions that future generations of GIST students will cherish and uphold.


Reporter Faisal, Kudsia