Easing of Covid-19 Obviation, “How is GIST doing?”


The government is implementing measures to restore daily life as the current wave of COVID-19 is receding. In line with this trend, GIST is also easing quarantine measures, including fully allowing in-person classes and opening facilities.


Allowing all in-person classes

The range of permitted in-person classes has expanded from small-scale courses or lab courses to all courses. In May, the Office of Academic Affairs announced this policy and let professors decide the format of the lectures. According to Yuri Kang from the Section of Student Records, about 56% of the lectures are now face-to-face. Students are allowed to sit next to each other, unlike before. However, general quarantine rules such as wearing masks and ventilation should be followed. Ms. Kang said, “GIST’s classrooms are often small in size, so if the COVID-19 epidemic worsens in the future and every other seat is vacant, it may be difficult to maintain the current policy”. According to Ms. Kang, in-person classes will be fully allowed during the summer semester if the COVID-19 situation doesn’t worsen. However, she said that the plan for fall semeste would be determined after the Ministry of Education announce the university’s quarantine guidelines.


Opening public facilities and expanded admission criteria
for summer vacation

Furthermore, public facilities at GIST are opening. Since May, club rooms, fitness rooms in the dormitory, and community rooms were opened. Also, from June 2nd, the remaining unopened public facilities, such as a swimming pool, yoga room, and the climbing room, will be opened, with the exception of karaoke in the Student Union Building 2. Section Chief Kyungsuk Min in the Section of Student Services said, “For karaoke, there is a high risk of droplet infection as ventilation is difficult in the rooms, and people rarely wear masks when singing.” She added that the operation of the karaoke would be reviewed in June.


Face-to-face student activities also allowed

Starting from May, various student activities, including club activities, will be conducted face-to-face. As a start, the club room was opened; thus, club activities can be carried out face-to-face.

In line with easing guidelines, increased face-to-face student events are expected. Sehoon Oh from the GIST Culture Events Committee(C&E) explained the vision of future events by saying, “We would like to host more face-to-face events for our students who have been bored over the past two years.” In fact, on May 26, C&E held a “Summer, Night, Camping” face-to-face event. He also declared, “We will reflect the students opinions as much as possible about the casting of celebrities or large-scale events.” However, Section Chief Min has a prudent stance about the face-to-face event. She asserted, “The school is also aware of the students’ desire for lively student activities, which the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic had dampened. However, GIST should also consider students’ safety.” She also implied that there are many variables to consider notwithstanding the quarantine circumstance, said, “The issue of inviting celebrities to the GIST festival ought to be discussed regardless of the COVID-19 circumstance.”


Some quarantine guidelines are maintained.

However, some quarantine guidelines, such as the ZEUS self-diagnosis system, are expected to remain. Section Chief Icksoo Kim from the Section of Student Services said, “Monitoring health conditions daily and conducting tests when there are suspicious symptoms is very important.” He stressed the necessity of a ZEUS system. “There may be some inconvenience, but please comply with personal quarantine rules and cooperate with the hospital’s policy.”

Ms. Kang from the Student Records Section said, “Thanks to students’ efforts, GIST has not created a big risk situation due to COVID-19. I hope you continue to follow personal quarantine rules, especially, please follow the minimum quarantine guidelines, and wear indoor masks during class.”