Additional deployment of a dryer in the dormitory


The laundry room of the GIST University Dormitory is constantly complaining about the number of dryers that are insufficient compared to users. The student team confirmed the laundry room site and said it would proceed with the additional placement of facilities lacking in the boys’ laundry room through a later survey.


University Dormitory Laundry Complaints Continuously Raised

Currently, the number of dryers in the laundry room of GIST University Living Room is S, T dormitory (three women’s/four men’s) and G, I dormitory (one women’s/four men’s), which is insufficient compared to users. As a result, laundry room-related incidents such as laundry replacement and theft continue to occur before drying is completed.


Laundry dryer

additional arrangement ‘Agree’ 88.3%

The GIST NEWS surveyed university dormitory residents from May 15 to 18 to gather opinions on the additional deployment of laundry dryers. The total number of respondents is 114, and the sampling error is ±8.50%p at a 95% confidence level.

According to the survey, 89.7% (84) of students who use the laundry room in the dormitory said they were lacking. In response, one student said, “Even in Korea’s military, about 50 people were assigned three dryers, but nearly 400 people and four dryers were not enough.”

88.3% (83 students) of students who use the living room laundry room agreed to the additional deployment of dryers. However, there were also 15 students who opposed the further deployment of dryers due to the lack of laundry room space.

Of the 42 students who said they lived in the new building, 97.6% (41 students) and 47.2% (34 students) of 72 who said they lived in the G, I dormitory said they used the laundry room on the second floor of the S, T dormitory. This result is a basis for feeling that the dryer is insufficient in the relatively crowded new pipe compared to the old pipe laundry room. The reasons for living in the old building but using the latest building laundry room were ▲the lack of dryers in the laundry room on the first floor of the G, I dormitory (18 people) ▲ and ample space in the new building laundry room (13 people) ▲location of the open G, I dormitory laundry room (8 people).


Student Team “Will Improve Laundry Facilities”

With the cooperation of the facility operation team, electricity construction was planned from late June to early July. The student team announced on May 15 that it would supplement the laundry room based on the results of a survey of male students living in the dormitory through the GIST House Association.

In addition, the student team received opinions from students through the GIST House Association last year that they could check the inside of the laundry room in the hallway outside the first floor of the G, I dormitory and that the separation of the interior space was poor. However, if an additional opaque sheet of the sheet is attached to the laundry room door, the problem can be solved, but it was rejected for safety reasons. In addition, the problem of separating the space inside the laundry room can be solved through wall installation work. However, the laundry room was not available during the construction period, so it is withheld due to concerns over inconvenience to students living in the old building. The student team expressed its willingness to improve, saying, “If many students want to install the wall, we can consider promoting the construction.“